SAP Calculations

SAP Ratings (Standard Assessment Procedure) for Energy Efficiency Ratings for Dwellings is requirement under Part L Building Regulations.SAP Ratings use the Government recognized Rating System of 1 – 100. To achieve a SAP Rating, detailed information will be required on all aspects of the design and materials to be used including the type of heating you intend using, the size and type of windows and doors plus information on the type of wall and roof constructions to be included.At the Design Stage, a SAP Rating can point to where any recommendations can be given on how to improve the specification and improve the SAP Rating and Efficiency of the Building.

A Predicted Energy Assessment, (PEA), will be produced, giving details of the Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact of the new dwelling. A Building Regulation checklist will also be produced to ensure that all necessary criteria are being met.

Once your project is complete, we will check that no changes to specification have been made from the PEA and the Energy Performance Certificates (E.P.C.’s) will be produced. These are the Certificates that provide a rating between A and G according to efficiency levels. Before E.P.C.’s can be issued they have to be registered by Landmark using a UPRN number, which is the (Unique Property Reference Number.) Once registered, they can be retrieved from the Landmark Web Site and printed or forwarded on.

This information is also required by Building Control so that the dwelling can be signed off as being complete.