Code for Sustainable Homes Assessments

Developed by the BRE (Building Research Establishment), the Code for Sustainable Homes has replaced the EcoHomes standards in England from April 2007 and introduces minimum standards for energy and water efficiency at every level of the new national standard. The Code is mandatory for all new build homes in Wales and for Social Housing schemes in England and may also be a requirement of planning in other areas of the country on new private dwellings.The Code measures the sustainability of a home against key design categories, rating the ‘whole home’ as a complete package. The minimum standards for Code compliance have been set above the requirements of the current Building Regulations. New homes can achieve a rating on a scale of one to six ‘Code Levels’ depending on the standard achieved.


The key design categories included within the Code are:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Materials
  • Surface water run-off
  • Waste
  • Pollution
  • Health & Well-being
  • Management
  • Ecology

The Code builds from the design level onto the final completed project as Homes are assessed at design stage, but additionally require verification at post-completion stage ensuring that what has been specified is actually used.

The BRE recommend the involvement of an assessor with the project from the earliest stage to assist in achieving the right code levels.

Evolved Consultancy are able to offer the services of:

  • Pre Assessment to accompany your planning application.
  • Design Assessment at Building Regulation submission stage
  • Post Construction Assessment on completion of your build